Anglers Code

wlaa Wed, 01/27/2016 - 14:22

All members and day ticket holders are expected to follow the Anglers Code of Conduct when fishing association waters. It's also good practice to follow these guidelines wherever you are out fishing.


Water can be dangerous, don't take unnecessary risks.
Don't fish within 30 meters of overhead power lines.
Don't fish near locks or weirs.


Please take into account other water users and:
Take care not to block pathways with bags and tackle.
Look all around you for others before casting.
Keep and eye out for dogs.


Angling contributes towards our environment:
Never leave rods on the bank with baited hooks as these could attract birds and animals.
Check your line regularly for damage and wear that could cause breakages.
Carefully dispose of damaged line and replace your reel line regularly.
Use non toxic weights (not lead) which are widely available.


Take all your tackle home with you. Hooks and line can be lethal to wildlife.
Don't leave food or bait behind as this can encourage vermin.
Leave your fishing area tidy, litter is a danger to wildlife.
Help to conserve fish stocks by following good fish-handling practices.
Never handle fish with dry hands.
Keep fish out of the water for the least amount of time necessary.
Use barbless hooks.