Rules & Regulations

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West Lothian Angling Association (WLAA) are responsible for all fishing of the 8 miles on the River Almond from Kirkton Weir downstream to Clifton Hall School (M8 Motorway). The fishing maintained by WLAA between these points and known as “the waters” include any accessible fishing from either bank of the River Almond. Species & Season Salmon 15th March - 31st October (Members Only) Trout 15th March - 06th October All legal methods of fishing are allowed, but the following Specific Rules apply when fishing on WLAA waters. When fishing for Salmon the following rules apply: The term Salmon applies to all migratory Salmonids. No Treble Hooks Fishing is by Fly or Spinning Only Fishing is 100% Catch & Release No fishing above Naysmith Bridge When fishing for Brown Trout all anglers must: Fish and tackle up for Brown Trout only When using multi point hooks ensure they are barb-less or de-barbed. Use only maggot when Bait Fishing Use no more than a 3 fly cast when Fly Fishing When spin fishing the maximum spinner size is 1 Use no leader or terminal tackle that exceeds 1.8kg (4lb) breaking strength Return when caught all Brown Trout under 225mm (9“) in length from nose to tip of tail to the waters. Whilst fishing, carry and be able to produce at all times a valid permit when asked to do so, by an Authorised Bailiff or Committee Member, acting on behalf of WLAA. Release, if caught ALL Salmon Sea Trout and Eels to the waters immediately Release all Salmon Parr, Smolts, Kelts and Red Fish to the waters immediately Return ALL foul hooked fish (hooked anywhere other than the mouth) to the waters If under the age of 16 be supervised or accompanied by an adult. Know that they or any third party when fishing do so entirely at their own risk So that fish stocks can be monitored and managed the following General Regulations apply when fishing WLAA waters: When fishing all anglers should: If a Season Permit holder record and report ALL catches including nil returns using the annual catch return document returning it to the Club Secretary by no later than: 14th November 2011, by email to or by post: Colin Morgan, WLAA Secretary, 90 Pumpherston Road, Uphall Station, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 5PJ. Please note: Season Permits will be withdrawn for the following season if no returns are received from Season Permit holders If a DAY Permit holder record ALL catches including nil returns on the catch return section of permits, returning it to Club Secretary, via the DAY Permit purchase point, by email or by telephone 07854346318 Fish according to the law, incorporating The Forth District Salmon Fishery Board’s Regulations. ( It is illegal to sell or offer for sale any rod caught salmon. A conviction under the Salmon Acts will mean an automatic withdrawal of any current permit, with a minimum fishing ban of 5 seasons, and ALL permits from whatever source are not transferrable. Please consider others observing at all times THE ANGLERS CODE OF CONDUCT and THE FORTH DISTRICT SALMON FISHERY BOARD CODE OF PRACTICE When fishing WLAA waters the following is strictly forbidden at all times: Fishing without a valid permit The use of bubble floats Barbed multi point hooks The use of set lines in any form The use of any vertebrate for live bait The use of worms, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, powerbaits, prawn baits, shrimp baits, swim feeders, bread or any form of ground bait. Digging for bait on or near any part of the river bank, or searching for any bait by disturbance or removal of any stone from banks and river beds. The use of Gaffs, Tailers or Knotted Landing Nets The use of Lead Core or Fast Sink lines The use of large multi-hooked lures, or any treble or double hooks, or more than one single baited hook. Being accompanied by a dog Creation of Croys or structures in any part of the “the waters” Lighting of any fires Fishing directly below any Weir or major Obstruction Interference or tampering with any of the Salmon Ladders Any abuse towards any Bailiff, Committee or Club member acting on behalf of WLAA Any unreasonable, aggressive or inappropriate act towards any Bailiff, Committee or Club member, acting on behalf of WLAA, or any other angler and member of the public. Penalties: Any Permit holder caught infringing while fishing any of the Rules and Regulations above will: Immediately have their fishing permit revoked, Be asked to stop fishing and leave the waters immediately, Have their details on record marked accordingly. A Committee Enquiry will follow at which the infringing permit holder may appeal, with any resulting outcome provided by letter written by the Club Secretary, and posted to the address stated on his or her permit. SPECIAL NOTE: Any SEASON ticket holder who MAY be or HAS been convicted of illegal fishing OR; Any offence under the Acts relative to Salmon and Trout fishing AND; Who fails to disclose it SHALL; FORFEIT his or her permit with all privileges carried by it.