Filling The Flybox #11

wlaa Tue, 03/15/2016 - 10:54

Trying to decide which lure to include in the flybox left me with a choice of two, My favourite, the Woolly Bugger or the first lure I fished on rivers the Baby Doll. Both are extremely useful patterns on the Almond making it a tricky choice, the major advantage to the Woolly Bugger is movement, every twitch is transmitted to the tail making it seem almost alive however the tail is also it's major disadvantage in that quite often the fish will take the fly just as you strip and catch only the tail and not the hook leading to many missed takes. The Baby Doll on the other hand is a fly without any movement other than what you force out of it, the tail is much shorter here and the result is more hookups but in my experience it's not quite as productive.

In the end I decided to go with the Baby Doll, in part for nostalgic reasons and in part due to the frustration I sometimes feel when missing half a dozen fish from a stretch of river knowing that if I had a fly with less tail I'd probably have landed at least one. I may change colours throughout the season as this fly can be tied in any colour of Antron you happen to have and still catch fish but to start I'm going with pink, why ?, because I felt like it, no reason but that. I've tied it here slightly different from the way I usually do, I normally wouldn't use a rib but I was tying this fly with the guys from Artlink a couple of weeks ago and we ended up tying it a few different ways, I came away rather liking this version of the fly.

I'm now left with the toughest decision, what fly to stick in compartment number twelve.

Baby Doll from dougie hall on Vimeo.