Filling The Flybox #10

wlaa Tue, 03/15/2016 - 10:40

This is the heaviest fly going into my box this year, loaded up with wraps of lead to help get it on the bottom but missing a few of the extra materials usually found on this style of fly. The most notable absence is probably a shell back, then I guess legs and tinsel. I've chosen to tie the fly with as few materials as I deem necessary for convenience sake and because I don't believe these additions make any difference to the fish. Ask yourself this, is a fish checking how many or even if a fly has legs ?, my guess is that the answer is no. I'll be fishing this fly in the fast water where and fish must take whatever looks like food or it will pass it by and the next fish down will have it so you can get away with less imitative flies and more impressionistic patterns. Caddis are heavy on the trout's menu and there is plenty of variation in size and colour in my experience, what I'm hoping will attract more fish onto this one is the flash in the dubbing.

Caddis from dougie hall on Vimeo.