Filling The Flybox #4

wlaa Thu, 02/25/2016 - 10:01

Here's number 4 in the flybox, Black Spider, a great pattern to have from day one till the season closer. It's a fly I've spend many a great day with and will get plenty of use this season. If you have been followinig this series of blog posts you'll have noticed a theme to my flybox for 2016, simple flies. I've spent years tying all manner of flies using a huge range of materials but over the last few years I've steadily worked my way back to basics thining what I can remove from a fly rather than what I can add. That said, this fly is great for adding things to the basic pattern, hotspots, krystal flash wings, shucks, ribs and so on, it's all good so if you prefer a fly with a little more flash go for it, this pattern will accommodate!

Black Spider from dougie hall on Vimeo.