Filling The Flybox #3

wlaa Wed, 02/24/2016 - 13:43

This fly has been a regular for me for many years and as well as being one of the simplest flies to tie it's name doesn't lie, it kills like no other fly I know. I once hit ten fish on the bounce from the tennis courts using this fly during one of my most productive fishing sessions ever, I have never repeated this feat but it's a memory I'll not soon forget.

The fly was designed by Frank Sawyer to imitate shrimp and it does a pretty good job, a little super glue goes a long way to helping the fly to last the bashing it gets, just add a drop to the copper wire near the tail. Some anglers get hung up on using specific materials but the wool used by Sawyer is no longer in production and a card of it will set you back £££ so I'd recommend looking for a good substitute.

I also tie this pattern with other wools including Antron which can work very well, it's an easy pattern to expand upon but when the basic fly is so good why bother. If there's one fly you should absolutely add to your box it's this one.

Killer Bug from dougie hall on Vimeo.